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Remove unwanted stuff from your photos, easily

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Dan Frakes of Macworld, reviewing a specialized photo-editing software called Inpaint:

I’m all for preserving the authenticity and integrity of original photos, but the truth is that sometimes we amateur photographers need a little help capture the perfect picture—all too often, that awesome photo of the kids is spoiled by cousin Bob’s head. Or maybe a stray piece of litter is distracting from the beauty of your nature shot, or you forgot to turn off your camera’s time/date stamp, so that stamp is now emblazoned across every one of your vacation photos.

Those skilled in Photoshop can usually work their magic to get exactly the photo they wanted. But for the rest of us, Inpaint is a clever app that makes it dead-simple to remove unwanted objects from photos. It’s also useful for removing time/date stamps, watermarks, stray dust specks, and scratches, and even for touching up facial blemishes.

Only until this weekend, get Inpaint from the Mac App Store for .99 cents (original price from the developer’s site is $20).



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December 2, 2011 at 11:47 PM

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What could possibly be more entertaining than this?

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Jason Snell of Macworld, on this thing called RiffTrax:

RiffTrax is a fun way to enjoy a movie with comedy commentary.

If you like watching movies with zen-like focus and attention, then this software that layers an extra track of comedic asides right up the very end of the closing credits is definitely not for you. But, on the other hand, if your thing is watching movies with buddies who provide endless supply of witty asides and irreverent commentaries unprovoked, then you’ll definitely enjoy RiffTrax.

For Mac and PC. Find out more, here.

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December 2, 2011 at 11:14 PM

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Aayush Arya, on Instagram

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Yesterday, the 1st of December

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December 2, 2011 at 10:24 AM

Ben Long’s tips for taking better holiday pictures

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These are easy-to-follow, always-works-wonders, fail-safe kind of tips.

It’s unavoidable: During the holidays someone is bound to get out a camera to grab some festive snapshots. If you’re the person with camera duties, then you should follow some of these photo guidelines. If you’re not the person shooting, then you can offer these suggestions from in front of the camera. Really, people love that.

Ben Long is one of my favorite photography guys, and it’s a bonus he’s the one telling us these things. Click here to read the full article over at MacWorld.

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December 2, 2011 at 10:16 AM

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