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Money talks. Michael Barbaro, with Danny Hakim, the New York Times:

In the 35th-floor conference room of a Manhattan high-rise, two of Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s most trusted advisers held a secret meeting a few weeks ago with a group of super-rich Republican donors.

Over tuna and turkey sandwiches, the advisers explained that New York’s Democratic governor was determined to legalize same-sex marriage and would deliver every possible Senate vote from his own party.

Would the donors win over the deciding Senate Republicans? It sounded improbable: top Republican moneymen helping a Democratic rival with one of his biggest legislative goals.

Can’t resist, more from the same article:

The story of how same-sex marriage became legal in New York is about shifting public sentiment and individual lawmakers moved by emotional appeals from gay couples who wish to be wed.

But, behind the scenes, it was really about a Republican Party reckoning with a profoundly changing power dynamic, where Wall Street donors and gay-rights advocates demonstrated more might and muscle than a Roman Catholic hierarchy and an ineffective opposition.

This article reads like a bestselling thriller, with heroes and villains. It seems like a most excellent material for a made-for-television drama or even a big budget Hollywood blockbuster. As “first draft” of a very important piece of contemporary political and social history, it is certainly worth the paper, and the pixels, on which the account is written.

Read the fascinating story in its entirety here.


Written by dominiquejames

June 25, 2011 at 6:27 PM

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