A photographer’s business card

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Cotton Paperie pressed photographer Ryan Flynn’s square business cards in style:

Ryan Flynn Photography had an awesome design that they wanted letterpressed. We were excited to put this concept on paper! It’s printed on Crane 100% cotton Crane Lettra paper in black with black edge painting.

And it all started with, not surprisingly, photography:

Our passion began with photography and it’s slowly grown into all things pretty. We love weddings and all the beautiful things associated with weddings. As time moved on, and we photographed more weddings, the one thing we grew to appreciate is letterpress invitations and stationery. The elegant papers, smooth inks, and creative designs really made a difference at the events. Almost as to set the stage before the event. We had a higher expectation for events that took the time to invest in letterpress and that’s exciting.

We began studying the art and the key components needed to deliver a letterpress product that was in line with our expectations as wedding photographers. No ordinary letterpress would do! We found the best papers, best presses, and combined that with our vision to deliver products that we’re truly proud of. We enjoy the process of designing and delivering a one of a kind letterpress product that you’ll be excited to share with family and friends. We love letterpress and we know you will too.

Press on, Chavvon and Larissa!


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