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No other way to say this: This is awesome!

Celebrate summer and your “to do” list with the newest FIELD NOTES COLORS limited edition. “American Tradesman” pocket memo books feature a Neenah 120# duplex cover. The outside of the cover is “Indigo Blue” with a vertical linear finish and “Jefferson Nickel” metallic silver type, the inside cover is a smooth “Avalanche White” printed in “Concord Red.” The inside paper is 50# Finch Opaque printed with a light cool-gray graph.

Each 3-Pack includes a sturdy 7″ carpenter pencil and a Field Notes Workshop Reference Card featuring instructions for sharpening. When you’re armed with this mighty stylus and 144 pages of graph paper, no patriotic thought nor workshop inspiration will escape careful documentation. Build a shed, a half-pipe, a php script, or a screenplay. Whatever you build, build it to last and paint some stars and stripes on that beast.

Order now.


Written by dominiquejames

June 23, 2011 at 10:11 PM

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