Apple’s Final Cut Pro X

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Photography is not just stills anymore. The latest crop of modern DSLRs today can both snap stills and record videos, and the number of hybrid photo and video cameras are growing not only in number and popularity but also in capability, usability and practicality. It would seem that the new Final Cut Pro X from Apple is all the more making that point more obvious.

Jackie Dove of Macworld writes about its availability:

“It’s finally here. Apple has released Final Cut Pro X, a brand new version of its flagship professional non-linear video editing software. First previewed to great fanfare at the NAB 2011 Final Cut Pro Users Group SuperMeet, Final Cut Pro X has been completely rewritten, offering 64-bit support, a revamped interface, and a slate of new features.”

Gary Adcock of Macworld gives you a first look:

“With the release of its hotly anticipated Final Cut Pro X (FCP X), Apple breaks new ground—not just with its flagship video editor’s interface and underlying infrastructure—but with the whole mindset of what it means to be a working professional video editor. Apple has revamped Final Cut Pro’s hands-on user experience in three major areas: Editing, media organization, and post-production workflow.”

Professional photographers, hobbyists and amateurs are now going to have to do it both ways.


Written by dominiquejames

June 21, 2011 at 11:38 AM

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