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Miranda Gavin’s Hotshoe blog talks it up on the chatty subject of artist’s statements for photographers:

“An artist (or artist’s) statement is a short text by the artist that helps explain and give a context to the work. It all sounds simple enough but the reality is far from straightforward. One of the recurring debates facing photographers and visual artists in the fine art and art photography arenas today is the language used in artists’ statements.”

This blog post is a clarifying read on the “obfuscatory language in art photography.” Worth reading the whole thing.

Also, David Saxe of Black Star Rising penned a definive statement in a blog form called Why I Don’t Like Artist’s Statements:

“Look at the pictures. It’s not that complicated. The image is a success because the message is understood. So if you need an artist statement to explain what you’re doing, haven’t you already failed?”

A subject, indeed, worth writing a statement about.


Written by dominiquejames

April 9, 2011 at 2:50 PM

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