A cheat’s guide on landscape, travel and adventure photography

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• Travel light. Bring only the essentials–a DSLR camera, a wide-angle, normal zoom, and telephoto zoom lens. And, hopefully, one of the lenses is a macro lens.

• If you must, pack the least number of photo accessories.

• Bring a tripod. A light, small but sturdy tripod. Check out the camera shops or ask fellow photographers for a recommendation on what tripod to get.

• Remember to pack only the essential photo gear: batteries, chargers, CF cards, etc.

• Research your points of destination. Get to know as much as you can about the places you will visit before actually going there.

• Whenever possible, seek out friends who live in places you will be going to. They can guide you to the really interesting spots.

• Get a map. But allow yourself to get lost. Use the map only when you want to find your way back.

• Be prepared for emergencies. Bring enough loose change and bills, your cell phone and let people know where are and where you will be going.

• Walk. The best way to “discover” a place is by walking. Wear your most comfortable pair of walking shoes.

• Bring extra clothes and towel. And a hat or cap.

• Ask questions. If you get lost or you want to learn more, do not hesitate to smile at the locals you meet along the way and ask questions.

• Bring water and snack foods. These are life-savers.

• Look up, down and around. Keep framing images in your mind when you look around.

• Shoot up, down, and yes, around. You can create a variety of interesting images by changing your shooting angle of views.

• Vary your shooting compositions–from panoramic to extreme close-up.

• Look for vibrant colors and repeating patterns, and isolate these elements in your composition.

• Include people in some of your pictures. This helps establish scale, or it can provide a sense of human identity to the location of your photographs.

• Take pictures of people while they are doing something. Anything.

• Whatever the weather, keep shooting. You can create moody images. Just remember to pack a couple of plastic bags.

• Juxtapose sharply contrasting and incongruous elements in your photos. The effect might just be surprising.

• Shoot day, and night. Sunrise and sunset.

• Shoot as many pictures as you can. Bring a small, portable storage media to download your images while you are going around.

• Shoot in RAW mode. And set your camera to Adobe RGB color space. This way, you get all the details.


Written by dominiquejames

May 16, 2008 at 7:46 PM

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