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It is the little things that makes a big difference to photographers, particularly when shooting on location, and in unpredictable circumstances. Photographers tend to go to great lengths when it comes to selecting the most ergonomically-designed of accessories, cases, bags and straps, among others. Professionals and hobbyists alike will take the time to check out product reviews, analyze item specifications, and solicit feedback from fellow photographers. The right accessory can make a huge difference in terms of ease, comfort, and speed, which, in turn, can lead to being able to do a better job and produce higher quality output.

From experience and based on feedback, one of the companies consistently producing outstanding products, not only for photographers, but also for professionals and hobbyists in diverse fields and interests, is the Canadian company popularly known by its name, Matias. Matias is best known for its innovative and stylish products such as protective cases, bags, and accessories.

iRizer: Portable Ergonomic Laptop Stand

This is an illustration of an iRizer Portable Ergonomic Laptop Stand from Matias.Recently, Matias introduced a new accessory that got a lot of laptop users really excited. It’s called the iRizer. iRizer is a portable ergonomic stand for the laptop. While there are a number of laptop stands that’s already out in the market, none of the existing products provide the elegant simplicity and practical solution that is embodied in the iRizer. The idea behind this new product is to help save laptop users from wrist and neck pain simply by raising the laptop’s keyboard and screen to a more comfortable level. The iRizer is designed to provide 4 heights, depending on the user’s preference. So, whether a person is tall or petite, and whether the desk is too high or too low, the iRizer’s sleek interlocking design can be adjusted to the most comfortable height – 20˚, 30˚, 40˚, or 50˚.

The iRizer is perfect for home and office use. But it is particularly helpful and useful when traveling. It folds flat and is compact enough to be easily carried. When stacked together, the iRizer’s two slim acrylic plates are thin enough to easily fit into any notebook bag. And when needed, it can quickly be assembled for instant use. And for maximum comfort, it is best that the iRizer be used together with a separate keyboard and mouse that turns the laptop into a more comfortable desktop computer. Matias recommends their new Folding Keyboard as the perfect pair for the iRizer.

Other than the ergonomic benefits of using the iRizer as recommended by leading ergonomists, it allows air to circulate freely under the laptop which makes it run cooler and quieter. The laptop’s battery will last longer and may even extend the computer’s lifespan.

And here’s the thing, when you buy an iRizer, you’ll get a special bonus – a MiniRizer. Every iRizer includes a free bonus MiniRizer. This is a credit-card sized version of the iRizer that can be used as a sleek stand for the iPod, iPhone, cellphone, and even business cards. This is an awesome additional accessory!

The Matias iRizer Portable Ergonomic Laptop Stand costs $39.95 only. We give it a 4.0 out of 5.0 rating. And our buying advise? Don’t wait till your neck and wrist hurt. Order one right now.

Matias USB Folding Keyboard

This is a photo illustration of the Folding Keyboard from Matias.

The Matias Folding Keyboard is a full-size USB keyboard that folds in half for travel. Small enough to fit in a laptop bag, it can be considered as the ultimate keyboard for the laptop users.

The really good thing about this keyboard, despite the fact that it folds into a compact size, it is constructed to fit in high-quality dome switches that gives the keyboard a responsive, tactile feel, with enough resistance to hold the weight of your hands, and fingers. Consequently, this can reduce long-term fatigue and makes it a lot more comfortable to use. To the number crunchers, this keyboard features a tab on the number pad that allows for one-handed number entry into forms and spreadsheets, leaving the other hand free to hold or flip through documents and papers with information being entered.

In addition, this laptop takes the Fn key and injected some brains into it. The Matias Fn key allows quick and easy access to keys that normally require a long reach such as arrow keys, page up, page down, elete, and others. These can now be typed right from the home row, without moving the hand. Of course, you can still type those keys the normal way, but using Fn can be faster, which works both on the main keybaord and the number pad.

As an added feature, you can turn up or down, and also mute, the volume. It also includes function keys, page navigation keys, and cursor keys.

The Matias USB Folding Keyboard costs $69.95. It works with both the Mac and PC. We give this keyboard a 4.0 out of 5.0 rating. Our buying advise? A comfortable complete and full-size keyboard that folds in a compact way and can be easily stashed gets the “must buy.”

Complete Product Line

The current and highly rated complete line-up of Matias products are categorized by: Keyboards & Accesories, Laptop Armor Hard Cases & Bags, and, iPod Cases & Accessories.

Keyboards & Accessories – Matias Folding Keyboard, iFold, iRizer, USB 2.0 Keyboard, Optimizer Keyboard, Tactile Pro 2.0, TactilePro, OS X Keyboard, Key Maestro, HalfKeyboard, 508Keyboard, Half-Querty Keyboard, and, PS/2 to USB Keyboard or Mouse Adaptor.

Laptop Armor Hard Cases & Bags – Laptop Armor, Laptop Armor Stretch Bag, Laptop Armor Expandable Bag, and, Comfort Strap.

iPod Cases & Accessories – Matias Armor for iPod (5th generation iPod Video and 6th generation iPod Classic), Matias Armor for iPod nano (3rd generation), Matias Armor for iPod nano (1st and 2nd generation), Clear Matias Armor (2nd generation), Matias Armor for iPhone, Matias Armor for iPod touch, Slim USB Power Adapter, Matias Armor for iPod (iPod Video and all previous full-size iPods), Matias Armor for iPod mini, and, Armor Clip.

For detailed product information, visit the comprehensive Matias Products Page. All products are available from their Online Store and through their Reseller Partners worldwide.


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April 14, 2008 at 2:20 AM

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