Product Review: XT-Stand for notebook computers

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This is a photo collage of the XT-Stand.

We love working out of our laptops. We bring it with us almost everywhere we go. The moment we have the time and the opportunity, we whip it out of our bag, and merrily do our thing.

For photographers, nowhere is a laptop much needed than on location pictorials. Majority of photographers bring along their laptops. Right after the shoot, or even while the shoot is going on, photographers can’t wait to download the pictures, and then work on them right way.

The thing is, working on laptops is not nearly as comfortable as working on a desktop. It’s usually low and we are forced to crouch down to it, even if it’s already propped on the table. And when it’s on our lap, or even if it is on the table, it can get too hot, particularly when we need to work for long stretches.

To solve this 2 common problems of laptop users, several manufacturers came up with various products. The aim of these products is to raise it up and reduce the heat.

There are many innovative products out there that’s available but for a number of those who have used all sorts of laptop stands, the most well-designed is the one called “XT-Stand.” The XT-STand is being offered by GJB Enterprises and it is avaiable for sale from USA. It was developed by the Delta Design Group in Taiwan primarily to provide the positioning of the notebook screen for a more comfortable viewing. It raises the laptop, and at the same time, it allows the flow of air underneath. In the development process, the XT-Stand also became the first truly portable and compact laptop stand on the market.

The XT-Stand is extremely lightweight with a flexible design that accomodates 12″ to 19″ notebooks and yet it is the smallest adjustable notebook folding stand on the market.

Excellent Heat Dissipation – The XT-STand’s 4-point support design increases the angle between your laptop and desk or table. This space allows the CPU to dissiplate heat easily, thus saving power. This is a fundamental solution for preventing laptop overheating.

High-Quality Construction – The stand is constructed of high quality stainless steel with a titanium alloy coating and uses rubber pads on the feet to reduce slippage.

Ergonomic Angle – The rear of the laptop is raised so that the screen is more aligned to the human eye. This eliminates refletion and minimizes eye strain.

We give this product a rating of 4 out of 5. Our buying advise: go grab one (or more) before it’s gone. At $39.95 a piece, it’s worth it!

Go to the website of GJB Enterprises at to order the product. PayPal payment method is accepted. GJB Enterprises, located in scenic Carmel, New York, approximately 50 miles North of New York City, offers the XT-Stand as individual purchases or bulk orders. Email GJB Enterprises at for more information.


Written by dominiquejames

April 10, 2008 at 4:19 AM

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